A Year in Review: 2020


⁣⁣This year has been hard for everyone in their own respective ways. And I can certainly say that quarantine made me go through a rough time and rethink a lot. However, looking back at everything that happened this past year I can honestly say that for me, this was a great year! I learned a lot about myself and I think I’ve grown a substantial amount in dance and choreography.⁣⁣

So enjoy this compilation of my dance year from January – December

Now that you’ve seen the whole video, I’m going to look into some of the clips and give you a deeper look into why they’re there and what they mean to me.

Starting off with something that feels like an eternity ago… Taking Steps to Fly! Specifically, the Trio I choreographed and won the Sally Brayley Bliss Scholarship for. The girls are so creative and fun it was a blast to work with them. In between tech rehearsal and the final show we went out to get bubble tea and coffee and ended up passing by one of my mentors on a date. Everyone after the show told me how much they enjoyed this piece and it made me really happy. I was extremely proud of my girls that day and genuinely proud of myself as well.

The specific clip I used in the video was of the choreography they learned at their very first rehearsal, when the bass kicks into the music.

This clip is from when I met up with my friend for the first time after Quarantine. A lot of public spaces were closed still, including our dance studios, so we met up at a park to catch up with eachother and to mess around with concepts. After strolling around the park for a while we settled down on a hilly part of the park and started playing music. We began with an improv to warm up our bodies and get used to moving. Then we decided to experiment with some contact improv. The scenery, the open air, the people passing by and probably judging us, the birds chirping, and improvising with someone… all of it together felt magical and it might just be one of my favourite moments of 2020.

This clip may seem to just be us doing the WAP Tik Tok dance, but this ENTIRE day was a lot for me in the best way possible. First of all, I had stayed up all night waiting to find out whether I had been accepted into Bo Park’s Program or not. For the first volume the results came out at midnight, so I expected them to come out again at midnight for Volume II. I ended up not getting an email that night so I assumed either my application had gotten lost somewhere or she was just sending the rejection letters later in the day.

I went to the studio early before my rehearsal with Miranda to just practice and take time for myself. I started working on choreography for A Christmas dollhouse and Miranda ended up walking in on me while I was dancing it out which brought us both to tears of laughter. Partially because she hadn’t heard the music from the show in so long and it suddenly brought all the memories back, and partially because for the chorus I had placed an omage to the WAP dance.

After learning the new version of the Gimme, Gimme dance, the two of us starting working on our duet. We eventually got sidetracked and started chatting about things. A major topic was what dance school we’d be attending this year. The week before was the audition for Halifax Dance’s Intensive Training Program. Since the Dean of Dance changed, a lot of people were unsure of staying at MCPA. Especially with the problems Covid was giving all the studios. I struggled a lot in the decision of which studio to go to. Miranda told me she was moving to Halifax Dance, while still taking a few classes at MCPA. Our conversation highly influenced what I chose, and that day I more or less had decided what I was going to do.

After rehearsal, I went to House of Eights for class. I got there quite early so I decided to check my socials. I opened up my email and saw something from Bo Park followed by a ‘congratulations’ in the subject line. Honestly, I think my heart skipped a beat. I continued to read the email. I had gotten into the program, it was starting next week. I couldn’t belive it, I was shocked. I looked around the lobby looking for someone specific I needed to tell. It was then that I noticed I was shaking. I was trying really hard not to smile too widely, and I kept glancing at the email to check that I had read it correctly. Finally Zomi walked into the lobby and I walked over to her, aggressively tapping her shoulder and shoving my email in her face. I don’t think I even said anything, I was still shaking at this point, and apparently in a state of shock. Zomi read the email and exclaimed in joy that I had gotten into the program. The rest of the night I was smiling like an idiot during class and still couldn’t believe I’d been accepted.

One night Zomi messaged me with a song and then asked if I wanted to choreograph to it with her. In fact, that night was actually when the results for the first Park Volume came out and I had initially been rejected. I was a lot sadder than I had expected and got overly emotional that night. It really uplifted me when I saw the message from Zomi.

The following week we explored ideas and concepts. The song we chose was Major Minus by Coldplay, a piece from their Mylo Xyloto album. After looking up meanings behind the song’s lyrics, we spiraled into reading the whole story behind the album. I won’t spoil it here, but it’s highly interesting so I suggest you go check it out.

This specific clip is from one of my favourite moments of the choreography so far, It’s so satisfying to watch. You can tell that it’s mainly Zomi’s expertise.

That’s all I’ll be covering today! Thank you so much for reading!

-Minuet Charron

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